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Our Organisations

Our mandated representative voice

Ngāti Koata Group

There are three organisations within the Ngāti Koata Group:

  1. Ngāti Koata Trust
  2. Te Pātaka a Ngāti Koata Trust
  3. Koata Ltd

From the Trust offices in Whakatū (Nelson) our Ngāti Koata operations team develop programmes and initiatives that aim to support the strategic goals and aspirations of the iwi.

A particular focus is cultural revitalisation, which includes initiatives to reconnect members with their sense of identity and whakapapa, primarily through te reo.

Our activities are funded from revenue generated from assets that span fisheries and aquaculture, commercial property, financial investments and rents from Crown entities.

There is also a focused effort to seek funding from external entities to support these activities.

By preparing today for a bountiful tomorrow we will ensure our people are connected, united and culturally dynamic. That our places are healthy and sustainable for future generations and our taonga are safe and available for the advancement and sustenance of it’s people.

Trust Deed

The Ngāti Koata Trust Deed sets out the functions and purposes, and provides for the control, governance and operation of Ngati Koata Trust

Click here to access the Deed.

Te Whakakitenga | Vision

Te hokinga mai o te manu hākapakapa

Ngāti Koata are flourishing

Ngā Whāinga Matua | Purpose

Tiaki Tangata, Tiaki Taiao, Tiaki Taonga

Caring for our People, Places and Treasures

Te Ahunga | Mission Statement

Hei hāpai i ngā whai hua o te iwi

To support the cultural, social, spiritual, political and economic wellbeing of our people and places

Ngā tikanga | Our values

Kaitiakitanga, Whanaungatanga, Rangatiratanga, Kotahitanga, Whakatupuranga,  Auahatanga, Mātauranga, Manaakitanga and Wairuatanga

Te Poari | Governance

The Ngāti Koata Trust Board typically meets once a month in Whakatū (Nelson), as well as occasional committee meetings or special Trust meetings when deemed necessary.

Our Charter requires that seven (7) members normally serve on the Trust Board. All members are elected to three year terms. Shorter terms may occur when sitting members cannot complete their terms. In these cases, the successor member serves only for the remainder of the term, before having to seek a further mandate through election.

Ngā Herenga Poari | Trustee Qualifications & Criteria

Nominees for trustee positions must be at least 18 years of age. At least four of the successful nominees must be adult members of Ngāti Koata Trust (i.e. registered).

We require that they also have:

  • A passion and vision for the development of the Ngāti Koata Iwi
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work well within a team
  • Skills in strategic planning and financial reporting
  • Knowledge in at least one of the following: Te Ao Māori, Treaty of Waitangi processes, accounting, business, education or community development

Board of Trustees

Joanie Wilson


Terms: 2
Elected: 2015
Reelected: 2018
Term ends: 2021

Tom Speers


Terms: 2
Elected: 2017
Reelected: 2020
Term ends: 2023


Deputy Chair

Elected: 2019
Term ends: 2022

Nadia Keogh

Terms: 1
Elected: 2018
Term ends: 2021

Benjamin Hemi

Terms: 1
Elected: 2020
Term ends: 2023

George Elkington

Terms: 2
Elected: 2016
Reelected: 2019
Term ends: 2022


Terms: 1
Elected: 2019
Term ends: 2022

Ngāti Koata Trust Strategic Plan