Our Organisation

Our mandated representative voice

Ngāti Koata Group

There are three organisations within the Ngāti Koata Group

  • Ngāti Koata Trust
  • Te Pātaka a Ngāti Koata Trust
  • Koata Ltd

From the Trust offices in Whakatū (Nelson) our Ngāti Koata operations team develop programmes and initiatives that aim to support the strategic goals and aspirations of the iwi.

A particular focus is cultural revitalisation, which includes initiatives to reconnect members with their sense of identity and whakapapa, primarily through te reo.

Our activities are funded from revenue generated from assets that span fisheries and aquaculture, commercial property, financial investments and rents from Crown entities.

There is also a focused effort to seek funding from external entities to support these activities.

By preparing today for a bountiful tomorrow we will ensure our people are connected, united and culturally dynamic. That our places are healthy and sustainable for future generations and our taonga are safe and available for the advancement and sustenance of it’s people.

The Ngāti Koata Trust Deed sets out the functions and purposes, and provides for the control, governance and operation of Ngati Koata Trust

Te Pātaka a Ngāti Koata Trust

Te Pātaka a Ngāti Koata Trust is the Post Settlement Governance Entity established by Ngāti Koata to receive redress from the Crown following the Waitangi Tribunal Hearings.

The Trustees for this Trust are:

> Hemi Cumming

> Kyle Edmonds

> Jarom Hippolite

> Roma Hippolite

> Caroline Palmer

> Regan Paul

> Richard Robinson

Koata Ltd

Koata Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ngāti Koata Trust. It is an Asset Holding Company in compliance with the Fisheries Act.

Koata Ltd’s holdings include:

Shares in Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd
Fisheries Quota (480,177kgs)
Partnership in the Port Nicholson Fisheries LLP (Crayfish ACE)
A 25% share in the Tui Joint Venture (Tasman Bay mussel farming)
Shareholder in Kotato Ltd (Fisheries)

Shareholder in the following Ring Road companies:

  • Tasman Bay Ring Road Farming Ltd
  • Tasman Bay Ring Road Spat Catching Ltd
  • Golden Bay Ring Road Farming Ltd
  • Golden Bay Ring Road Spat Catching Ltd

Te whakakitenga | Vision

Te hokinga mai o te manu hākapakapa

Ngāti Koata are flourishing

Ngā whāinga matua | Purpose

Tiaki Tangata, Tiaki Taiao, Tiaki Taonga

Caring for our People, Places and Treasures

Te ahunga | Mission Statement

Hei hāpai i ngā whai hua o te iwi

To support the cultural, social, spiritual, political and economic wellbeing of our people and places

Ngā tikanga | Our Values

Kaitiakitanga, Whanaungatanga, Rangatiratanga, Kōtahitanga, Whakatupuranga, Āhuatanga, Mātauranga, Manākitanga and Wairuatanga

Ngāti Koata Trust Strategic Plan